This infographic represents what leaders and community members in the New River Gorge region say economic development work looks like. The responses came from a recent summit we attended, hosted by the New River Gorge Regional Development Authority, that brought together stakeholders in the region to talk about how they envision economic development, and the Authority's role in creating it. You can read all individual responses and feedback, see photos, and more at a webpage they set up for the public. The quote of the day comes from NRGRDA President Matthew Wender:

I hope this is the beginning of many conversations we'll have as a community about the cultivation of ideas and joint actions to develop our region the way we want it for our children and grandchildren for the future. [...] The time has come when we have to start a serious dialogue for what we do for the next future of southern WV. Certainly we’re at a point where we have to make a transition, and we are anxious for you to help us chart that course. --Matt Wender, President of NRGRDA