We had a chance to sit down with Jean Evansmore at the Civic Life Institute in June. If you know Jean, you know she has a way of getting you really pumped. Check out more of what Jean shared with us below.

"I'm Jean Evansmore. I'm from a holler over in Scarbro - Born and raised in Southern WV. 

We just set up a community garden in Mt. Hope, so the kids can interact with the older people and learn from each other. History can be learned and taught in that kind of venue: one thing we're going to do is put historical facts about the community on the garden beds, which allows people the opportunity to take a stroll through and read and be educated that way. So you will know who you are and where you come form. 

What's next for WV? Education, Education, Education. I believe learning about the past is imperative because it helps us understand each other in the present, and gives us the confidence to move forward and open up to the future."