Listen up, WV! Mountaineer Boys State has something to say! Check out this great story from WV Public Broadcasting, in which you'll hear the boys' own answers to the question, "What's Next For WV?" Here's a sampling:

  • "Be active in the community. Take school seriously. Work hard, the way we like to. I think that's our role, and I think in 20 years, if we take on that role, the statistics will change. I think WV will be seen as it really is." 
  • "I really feel like WV's greatest asset lies with our people. Our state has had a history of adversity and overcoming it, and I think the responsibility for that can be attributed to the people of our state."
  •  "We need to focus on urban planning because businesses that want to locate in cities don't want to locate in cities that their employees won't want to move to. Essentially we need to focus on beautification of our cities. We need to focus on making it more applicable to the modern industry."