Courtney Forbes from What’s Next, WV? partner organization Create West Virginia crafted an article for the West Virginia Executive magazine to help start the year off on the right foot. The article reminds us that resolutions are about setting new goals, but can also be about “doing old things better”. Have you set some lofty goals for 2015? Whether you need some ideas, or want to add to your list, consider the six "community resolutions" that Forbes laid out. You can read more about each resolution in the WV Executive Magazine article.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Community from Courtney Forbes at Create West Virginia:

  1. Work Together -- It’s only natural that more gets done when resources are shared instead of siloed.

  2. Establish Co-Working Spaces -- A co-working space is essentially a third place where folks can come to work, individually or collaboratively, and make use of shared technology.

  3. Support Public Art -- Public art projects have a unique ability to unite disparate groups within a community by expressing common themes and values in a visual and concrete way.

  4. Start ‘Em Young (Entrepreneurs, That Is) -- If we want West Virginia’s communities to be teeming with vibrant local businesses in 10 or 20 years, we need to be encouraging entrepreneurship among our young people right now.

  5. Beg, Borrow and Steal -- If you’re at a loss for cool project ideas for your community, a great place to start is looking at what other cool communities are doing.

Courtney Forbes is the program manager of Create West Virginia. A Charleston native, Forbes worked in Washington, D.C. and in St. Louis, MO before returning home to pursue passions of community and economic development.