Listening to the ideas and insights that tumble out when J. Deacon Stone of Coalfield Development Corp. speaks about his home state of West Virginia, it’s hard not to be inspired.

What’s Next caught up with Stone at a recent gathering of “What’s Next, Huntington?”, where citizens came together to talk about how to move forward on their ideas to strengthen the economy of their city.

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Stone shared with us his thoughts on how to better communicate about community and economic development…

We should peddle hope.

…West Virginia’s need to recognize its assets…

We have a self-esteem issue here. We have a lot going for us and we need to put those things that work front and center.

…And an interconnected vision for the economic future of Huntington…

I see a connected economy. I think that if there is any advancement in business, in the arts, in creativity, in reversing brain drain, then those benefits pay back into institutions of higher learning…into the government and the city through tax revenue and otherwise…into the populace through jobs.

And, well, there are a lot more gems where that came from in this video we put together of Stone’s interview. We’re glad that people like him were inspired to participate in this event, and feel lucky to learn and share his insights with you. 

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