When we sat down with Sheila Combs last fall to talk about "What's Next" for West Virginia, we knew immediately that we had found a powerful voice for community improvement and change. Sheila is President of the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial Group in Whitesville, WV. They have been doing some amazing work in their town to plant hope where tragedy fell in 2010, when 29 men were killed by an explosion that ripped through a nearby Boone County mine.

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You can get a glimpse of their incredible efforts on the Miners Memorial Facebook page, or on the Coal Heritage Riverwalk Facebook page, where they share developments in their project to bring a vibrant riverfront park to their town. Sheila is also participating in "Turn This Town Around Whitesville." 

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In this short video, Sheila expresses an idea that we have heard ALL OVER the state in the past year: "The cavalry is not coming. It is up to us to build the economic change we want." If you agree, join the ever-expanding grassroots troops of community and economic development in West Virginia. Sign up today to bring What's Next to your community.